Let’s Kick this off HOPE Principal Style

Hello Everyone,

To get this going, I am going to introduce the HOPE principals that I will be discussing for most of the post that this site will be using quite frequently to talk about throughout specific topics. So lets jump right on into the HOPE principals!

H stands for: Honor student  diversity, development and their right to learn.

O stands for: Offer an Organized and challenging curriculum.

P stands for: Practice effective teaching (inquiry, planning, instruction, and assessment).

E stands for: Exemplify service to the teaching profession.

Now that I have introduced what the  HOPE principles are, I need to introduce the five H principles that go along with the H part of the HOPE standards.

H1: Honor student diversity and development.

H2: Honor student access to content material.

H3: Honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning.

H4: Honor family/community involvement in the learning process.

H5: Honor student potential for roles in the greater society.

To close, now I have introduced some key principles that will be influencing the posts on this page, and I hope they bring clarity to what is going on inside the teacher’s mind.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah Hawley


(Photo from this lovely spring morning.)


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