H1—Honor Student diversity and development.

Hello everyone,

Honoring student diversity and development is huge in the world of education, for how can a student develop without honoring their diversity in the classroom as a good thing. That to me starts with the teacher honoring the students’ diversity and development. As I have worked with children I have found that if I were to have not honored their diversity and development I would have ran into quite a few problems.

For example, I work with children with autism through the program Families Affected By Autism (FEAT), and through this program I as a volunteer was given a new child to work with every time we had an event. I never got the same child, and with autism there is such a wide range of different types of autism you never know what you are going to get behavior wise from a child, so I always had to honor the child’s diversity and development to make sure that they were taken care of in the best way possible. Now in a classroom I would have to do the same thing to be the best possible teacher that I could be. If a student had a different IEP than another student in my class I would have to honor that because that is what the student needs me to honor when it comes to their diversity and development within the classroom.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Hawley


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