H4—Honor family/community involvement in the learning process.

Hello everyone,

This H principle is very near and dear to my heart. Coming from a family that was going through a divorce when I was going through school it would have been really nice if my teacher stressed the importance of having my family care about how I was doing in school. Yes, I understand that some communities do not consider parents being in their children’s’ school life as a norm, however, I think that is when I can serve as a role of somebody in their community of people to encourage them with their future and getting students to praise one another for the work that they have contributed to the classroom experience.

In my classroom I plan to have family and community a key role in how my classroom functions. I want each of my students to care about the other students in their class and encourage one another and lift one another up so that every student feels welcome and loved. I want to do this because I believe that students need to have a community or support system to help them grow and develop as they learn.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah Hawley


2 thoughts on “H4—Honor family/community involvement in the learning process.

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to get communities involved (at the tax-level) in the most general, wide-spread education programs. How do you think you might get the community involved or together for specific, individual students? Or, if that’s too broad to think about (for now), what about the greater school community involved in the special ed students?
    Have you seen any successes?


    • I think a great way to get the community involved with special education students is to have the class as a whole help the community do something. For example at Seattle Pacific University, students in the special needs classroom at Ballard high school come to Seattle Pacific University to help sort the recycling. Sure it is not the most fun thing to do, but it helps teach social skills to the students and allows the community at Seattle Pacific University know that they can do things just like anyone else can. Thank you so much for your comment Ann.

      Hannah Hawley


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