H5—Honor student potential for roles in the greater society.

Hello everyone,

This principal is what I intend to use to bring education to a whole new level when it comes to special education. I think that everyone has a role in society, and I also believe that anyone can achieve what they want as long as they work for it. Special needs students typically from what I have seen in schools have not been allowed to think in such ways. Most of them are told that they cannot become whatever they want to be. But I say they can. I say that children with special needs are our future.

Born with different ways of thinking special needs children all over the world can imagine, create, and explore the world as we know it in a totally different way than typical people can. I think that special needs children are worth much more than what society holds them up to be. I see astronauts, police men, teachers, business owners, and so much more in these children. My goal is to start a college for special needs children so that they can gain skills specific to what they love to do.  I want every special needs child to walk out of my classroom knowing that they can make a difference to the world and that they are worth so much more than what the world gives them credit for. I cannot express how important this principle is to me. This principal is my future.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah Hawley


2 thoughts on “H5—Honor student potential for roles in the greater society.

  1. How might you encourage the students to see themselves the way you see them? By the time they get to you, they will have had at least 8 years of being told that they can’t do it (whatever that “it” may be). 8 years of the same message won’t be easy to change. =(


    • Great question Ann! Sure I could keep to myself and not share with my students that I think they all are worth so much to the world, but that just is not me. Being a person who has always been told that she is not capable of anything in life I know that students getting this message need to have positive comments about them proven to them, and said more than once. Although they will have somebody for 8 years before me telling them that they are worthless it does not mean that they are forever worthless in their mind.

      Hannah Hawley


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