Access to Material Gone Wrong

As I was at Ballard High School doing my service learning I also looked at the access to material that was at the school and to put it nicely it seems like they got the short end of the stick, or at least the special education program did. Although one student was given a tablet for communication purposes the computers in the classroom did not work or they took 10 minutes to start up and most of the assignments that these students were doing needed access to a computer of some sort. Not to mention some of the students did not even have notebook or pencils and only one of the three teachers that I worked with provided notebooks for her students because she knew that most of them where lower income students. And for students that struggled with reading doing the physical science homework without help was dreadful not to mention the teacher for physical science does not write notes down on the white board for them to take nor does he have a power point so they strictly have to go off of what they remember which is really hard to do when reading comprehension was not their strong suit. To me the access to material was depressing, but it helped me understand why certain students were falling so  behind, they just did not have the material to do the work, or to even study the work.

However, this experience helped me develop a plan for my future students. I will provide everything needed to complete an assignment in my class. I will have notebooks for every student and will make sure to provide notes for all of my students so that they have copies to go off of so that they are not relying only on memory. I will also provide online copies and audio copies of material so that my students have the most access to material so they can thrive and learn in a way that works better for them. This concept is something that I think all teachers need to keep in mind as they make assignments and homework, and give lessons.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Hawley


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