Classroom and School Community

         Community when it comes to the classroom and school is key when teaching students, so I also kept H3 in mind as I experienced the community of Ballard High School. The community is a very relaxed one, where students can leave campus to get lunch and leave to go home whenever they please. The staff and students tend to keep the I don’t care attitude throughout the day, which was very disappointing for me to see. However this is also a very accepting community where things like racism, gender roles, and LGBT conversations can be done in a classroom where everyone gets involved and knows that it is okay to have different opinions from one another. I even sat in on the faculty lunch where they continued to talk about these issues and came up with solutions as well.

           For me it was really weird to be in a community in which it seemed like nobody cared about students being in class or not, and to carry an attitude of I don’t care throughout the day except for when it came to controversial topics really annoyed me. I feel like they could be having some of the best conversations in their classes and they could do so much with this accepting group of people, but that is not what happens. However, that is the feel of the community so it makes sense and the teachers have the same feel so it makes sense and it works for Ballard High School. I would have to see what the schools community looked like before I would know what to honor when it comes to my classroom, but I think I learned a lot form this experience about what kind of people I want to work with in the future and I think I really need dedicated people to be around me but even if I don’t I know that I will make the best of what I have to work with and honor the classroom and school community.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah Hawley


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