Family and Community Involvement in Learning

H4 was really hard for me in my experience with Ballard High School. Most of the students that I worked with came from families that did not care about them or their education. There was even one parent who did not want her child to succeed. However, the teachers did tell us that they have tried very hard to get parents involved with the student when it came to learning and education, but none of the parents wanted to help their child. And I was actually expecting that when walking into this learning experience. Then the community that these students live in does not help them when it comes to education, if anything it hinders them, with a good amount of students abusing alcohol or drugs it is not a place that helps these students learn.

However if this was the community that I was teaching in I would use this community to my advantage. With family not being involved I would make the classroom the home for these students providing them help and helping them understand that they are loved and that they are worth so much more than a prison cell or something to be forgotten. I would show these students how they could help their community with having them do community service around the city and asking others if they need help with anything. I would also use this community to talk about the importance of staying away from drugs and alcohol and the side effects that come with using drugs. This is something that I wish more teachers would take advantage of.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Hawley


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