Waking Up On Dry Land

We finally hit the end of the year wall or as I would call it waking up on dry land. During these weeks we have noticed that the end of the year is probably the most stressful and annoying time of year for most teachers. With students finishing all assignments last minute, filling out evaluations, and filling out evaluations  teachers are burned out, and it is showing very clearly leading students to believe that their teachers no longer care about their progress. Even with the students that I was tutoring they were questioning why I still cared about them passing classes and doing well on exams. Some even stated that the last 3 weeks of school don’t even matter because no matter what you turn in right or wrong the teacher will give you full credit.

I think something that I am going to do to try and improve this at least in my classroom would be to be actively involved in the students and their progress all throughout the school year to make sure that they know that I care, as well as they can stay motivated to finish the year strong and care about their grades. I think that caring about the students’ progress could really fix this problem in a very positive way because not only would I stay motivated to make sure my students finish the year strong, but I also would be helping my students know that they need to stay focused on finishing the year strong. I think another solution would be to not have a countdown till the end of the year in the class because it adds another stressor that either motivates students or it forces them into a state where they give up on doing anything for the rest of the year once it gets to a certain amount of days left in the year. I think it is important to think about these things as we are trying to have students finish the year strong.


Hannah Hawley


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