Expectations Need to be Communicated

Standard 1

Expectations: The teacher communicates high expectations for student learning.

  • Demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy.
  • Communicating with students.
  • Engaging students in learning.

To me this standard is stating that there needs to be expectations for students to really put out to your students so you both are on the same page.

One way of presenting this information is through being a warm demander.This concept is more thoroughly discussed in the article The Teacher as Warm Demander by Elizabeth ¬†Bondy and Dorene D. Ross. In the article in states that “Becoming a warm demander begins with establishing a caring relationship that convinces students that you believe in them” (Bondy & Ross). Creating this relationship with the students then opens up the conversation about what you expect of your students. Bondy and Ross also mention in their article a recent study of three teachers who communicated one message three different ways for the best way of communicating to their students (Bondy, 2007).

This form of communicating your expectations really sets the stage for giving expectations, and communicating to students in the best way for their students to understand what is to be expected.

My biggest take-away from the article and standard is that you must communicate your expectations after a relationship is built so that you can communicate to the students in the best way that they understand. This also helps students learn in a controlled environment where there are expectations put into place.

The next step I would take this to is having students set the expectations so they are setting their own goals for themselves. That way the students are holding themselves to their own standards.


Thanks for reading!



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