Technology in the Classroom: Let’s Be Real Microsoft Word is a Thing

Standard #3
Differentiation – The teacher acquires and uses specific knowledge about students’ cultural, individual intellectual and social development and uses that knowledge to adjust their practice by employing strategies that advance student learning.
  •  Demonstrating Knowledge of Students
  •  Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness in Lesson Adjustment
  •  Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness in Persisting to Support Students

The topic of technology in  the classroom has been a topic that I love discussing with others. Being that I was a student who did not get why my education was not growing educationally up with the technology that was being used at the time I really think that students need to be introduced to technology and all of the wonderful things that it can do sooner rather than later. Students need to be comfortable with typing before they reach middle school, because they need to be proficient for when they reach college. I think that it is sad that I really did not type a paper until I reached high school and took over 3 hours to type a 5 paragraph essay because my typing skills where so low. Also if you look at today’s world technology is everywhere, and our students are all using it, so why not use the technology that they use to get them to access information using a tool that they can use outside of the classroom.This also helps teachers step into the students’ world, instead of the students having to step into the teacher’s world.

In my student teaching this quarter, I have seen the wonderful use of technology at the middle school level. My school even uses an app that can be accessed on any device to have the ability to access all of their school work in one location. Then when it comes to writing all of the students have access to iPads in their language arts classes to write their essays. My mentor teacher has even been collecting data on how the student’s words typed per minute has almost doubled, and one of our students who started the year not even knowing how to place his fingers properly on a key board, to now typing properly and can finish typing a paragraph in one class period. By what I have seen in my student teaching I think that the more that we let technology into the classroom the more students we will access, and the more students will achieve. Because honestly in 2016 we really should be acknowledging that Microsoft Word is a thing that we can and should be using. There are also many other sources for adding technology into the classroom by doing surveys, screen shares, and student taught discussion.


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