Bread and Butter of Special Education

Standard #5: Learning Environment

The teacher fosters and manages a safe and inclusive learning environment that takes into account: physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being.

1) Creating an environment of respect and rapport.

2) Managing classroom procedures through transitions.

3) Managing classroom procedures through performance of no instructional duties.

4) Managing student behavior by establishing expectations.

5) Managing student behavior by monitoring.

This standard has to be the most important for me as a special education teacher because learning environment is what I as the special education teacher am trying to figure out for each student that I work with. I can do this for every student due to the fact that I teach individual instruction, and can alter the learning environment to be different for each one of my students. I also need to have an environment where my students feel respected, or nothing will get done in the class. Not to mention, having mutual respect in the classroom is a personal goal for myself in the teaching setting.

When it comes to special education, transitions are also a huge factor within our classroom, and the student’s daily schedule, so this is another part of the environment that I have to keep in mind when setting up my classroom, and getting my students ready for what they should be expecting in the upcoming year. This also relies on me setting up expectations with in my classroom that state that transitions will happen at specific times, and that the students will be told when these times are. Thus, helping myself in managing classroom procedures, which can lead to my students doing what they are supposed to do when given no instruction because they know that I will inform them when they need to do something else.

Finally, managing behavior is the main concern of my EBD classrooms, these classes are focused on having students self monitor their behavior, so that they can learn how to control their emotions better.

What I have learned from my student teaching is that the learning environment really a deal breaker when it comes to having a functional classroom. Then when you have a functional classroom, like my mentor teacher does you can really focus on hitting the students individual needs, because they are engaged with the learning.


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