Standard #5: Learning Environment

The learning environment of my student teaching classroom is really different from a traditional classroom. We allow time to eat breakfast, express our emotions and where we are at in the week, and provide a place to calm down.

Students come in knowing that respect goes both ways, and that if they need something that my mentor teacher or I will get it for them. The students who have had my mentor teacher for a couple years check in every morning with her just to let her know if something is going on that might throw them off that week, or make them unable to finish something, and then they work out a plan for what to do with that information, and how to go about finishing things at a later date. My mentor teacher really shows what it is like to care for your students, school, and make her classroom a home for students who need it to be just that.

Because of this respect that she has built with her students transitions in the classroom go over easily and calmly. She walks around the classroom to monitor behavior, so that she is not calling out a student in front of the class, but instead correcting the behavior with the student individually.

The way that she runs her lesson is the same every day, which helps students understand that she will be a consistent part in their day. She starts off my giving the classroom expectations, and then moves into I do/you do/we do instruction to help guide the learns to the learning target without throwing them into the deep end. Due to this tightly locked in form of consistency, there are little to no behavioral problems in our classroom unless it is manifested from a student with a behavioral background receiving SDI in emotional and behavioral abilities.

I plan to carry this very same way of running a classroom with my own because I see that it works, and I see that the students benefit the most from these learning environments.


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