Standard #1: Expectations

In my observations, I have found that my teacher makes her classroom expectations very clear, so students do not have a chance to say they do not know the expectations. She even keeps up on research to back the expectations that she has for her classroom and to demonstrate her knowledge of content and pedagogy. My mentor also has high expectations for her students because of research backing that students feel more accomplished when they reach high expectations rather than low expectations. When giving examples of why she is having students reach expectations throughout the year, she also relates why the expectation is important to the student to have and hold up to as it relates to their lives; which recognizes the value and interests of students, and applies it to the learning of expectations.

When it comes to communicating my teacher excels in this subject. Whether it comes to expressing what the learning goal is, or telling students where they are at; my mentor teacher always is in constant communication with her students to always have them informed on their progress in their learning journey. With her math classes she communicates the progression through the math series, so students and parents can see how concepts are building on one another.

On top of all these skills my mentor teacher  has mastered, she also follows the expectations that come with IEPs, FBAs, and BIPs. She always collects the data needed to make sure that the documents have been accurately completed to her best ability. My mentor also keeps contact with the families 24/7, and bends over backward constantly to all of them. I think what I have learned most from this part of my teacher is to also set high expectations for myself, so that I can be the best educator that I can be.

I have also learned that communication is key to making sure that you are being an excellent educator because without communication you cannot get very far. Your student get lost. Administration can become worried and confused about what is actually going on in your classroom. Families also can feel left out of their students education. Finally, I have learned that expectations are the driving force in the classroom, and without them not much would get accomplished because nothing would be expected.


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